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 How to use the hottest question app - Sarahah

In a nutshell, Sarahah is an app that helps account holders receive anonymous messages and questions from others, similar to the previous application. But the difference between the Sarahah app and the other standalone chat application software is that Sarahah does not allow direct responses to incoming messages. You can only answer questions by posting directly to social networking sites. That is why the Sarahah is spreading so fast.
Unlike previous messaging products such as, Yik Yak or Secret, Whisper, Sarahah is developed entirely on both the web and app. The web interface is simple but eye-catching. Users can send messages to anyone without signing in to their account.
On the mobile app, Sarahah is developed with full features that allow users to send messages, receive notifications when new messages. In particular, Sarahah is also associated with the most popular social networks today such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat. Users can directly share their messages on their pages.
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How to install Sarahah
Sarahah currently supports users on both smartphone and computer devices. For your computer visit the website. With your smartphone, you can download application on any APK stores
How to sign up for Sarahah:
Once you have downloaded the app, you create an account by going to the application interface and select Register => You fill out the required information and confirm the account creation by clicking Register.
Share Sarahah's account to receive messages, anonymous questions.
After creating an account, you will be given an address so that you can receive anonymously 
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Steps to use the Sarahah:
Step 1: Sarahah Account Sharing:
Once you have an account from the Sarahah app you can do account sharing on social networking sites, Facebook, Instagram a provided address to receive anonymous questions from friends, relatives ...
- With your phone: Go to the application interface and select the Profile icon => to select the Share icon and select the social networking site you want to share.
- With computer: You do the right click on the link to your account address => Press the '' Copy link address ''. You log in to the social networking site you want to share and paste the link directly to the post so people can see, if you are going to receive more questions then remember to ask people to ask questions to me.
Step 2: View message from Sarahah:
To view the messages sent from your friends and relatives, go to the Messages icon (on your smartphone) and go to My Messages (on your computer).
Step 3: Answer the question Sarahah:
You answer your favorite question and then take screenshots and share on the social network Facebook, Insta that you have divided your Sarahah account.
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Using the Sarahah app is easy with just a few simple steps that you can use the app and share the questions and answers on your social networking site. Sarahah will bring you exciting surprises through the questions from the people around you, especially you do not know who sent the question. Download and enjoy the app!